An update on quitting my job…

Maybe I think too highly of myself, but I thought all 3 of my loyal followers deserved an update on how I’ve been since quitting my job.

As you may remember from my last post, I quit my job and asked my friend to hire me. It was soooo scary because it was something new and not very “known” or sure like my old job. Doing something new is always scary, but this was ulcer-causing (not literally, mom. My stomach is fine).

I am happy to tell you that things have never been better. I am making a huge difference in the world of small business owners and have not only been receiving compliments but referrals for more work! Whereas in my last job I would have had to work 10 hours a day to make what I am right now, not only can I do that in a fraction of the time, but the sky is the limit as far as earning potential. I am ecstatic!

You know what the best part is? Taking a shower. That’s right, a shower. Do you know how hard it was to even find the time to do something as simple (not to mention hygienic) as bathing myself? I would have to find a spare 3 minutes somewhere with my old life. I’m happy (and more than a little embarrassed) to say that I’ve showered daily since starting this new endeavor. #Goals, right?

So, like this whole blog has been teaching me, quitting can be a really good thing!

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