Down with bugs…

In my search for what I’m good at I definitely found something I’m EXTREMELY okay with NOT being good at…

Killing Bugs.

Ewwwww, the very thought is giving me the heeby-jeebies.

So, here’s the story. I live in a desert region. That means some nasty little pests. Black widows, big ants, weird looking bugs and beetles, and this little guy:

A Wolf Spider!!!!

You see, we had my nieces over for a sleepover and I was upstairs getting dinner ready. I asked them to pull out some sleeping pads from the basement storage and the next thing I know they were screaming bloody murder. NO WONDER!!!! They found one of these demon-spawn crawling around on one of the pads.

We all went downstairs and after about 30 minutes of psyching myself up, disposed of the ugly thing.

So, needless to say a couple things happened:

  1. We burned the pad. A tad dramatic? Maybe. Are we sure we’ll never see that creature or it’s babies again? Definitely!
  2. We all decided to sleep upstairs. Because we all know spiders can’t climb stairs. Right? Right?! Just say, “Right!”
  3. We called an exterminator the next day! And a really good one too! Maybe it’s just because they came to the rescue and sprayed and assured us we wouldn’t see any more nasties, but I think they were miracle workers. We haven’t seen another one since!

So, if you live in Southern Utah, I really think you ought to check them out! You can call them at 435-228-7994 or visit their website:

See…it’s okay to be bad at some things!

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