Pardon my existentialism…

So today’s post isn’t so much about quitting a job, or hobby, or some such thing. No, today I feel the urge to wax…philosophic? Kind of.

Nostalgic? Nah.

Sophmoric? Probably.

Well, whatever it is I’m “waxing”, It won’t take long.

I guess the thing I want to tell you about quitting today is this: Quit making the fact that I want to decorate for Christmas and listen to holiday music right after Halloween a thing, okay!


I know a ton of people have become jaded about Christmas because corporate America has made this beautiful holiday waaayyyy too commercial. I get it. I really do.

But here’s the thing…just because corporations focus on that junk, doesn’t mean I am.

My friend on Facebook put it perfectly: “I don’t, and I have never, believed that Thanksgiving and Christmas are mutually exclusive holidays. In my view they are complementary. The joy, peace, love, and giving of Christmas perfectly matches the love and gratitude of Thanksgiving. Long story short, my tree is up, Christmas music is playing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.😝”

Besides the emojis at the end, I couldn’t agree more!

So, if you don’t like my Christmas music, or my Christmas attire, or my Christmas decorations, or the fact that I still like the word Christmas over the word, “holiday”, tough! I still love ya, but deal with it!

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