Pickin’ Blueberries…

I want to tell you about one of the first jobs I’ve quit. Picking Blueberries.


I was 12 years old and I guess my parents thought it was time I started earning my own keep. Okay, not really. But I know they wanted to teach me about responsibility and money. So we drove out east of Stockton, CA to a blueberry farm. It was about the only place near me that would hire someone my age. I don’t even remember the name of the place. All I remember is that me, my brother, and my sister were dropped off and given a small metal bucket and told to start picking. Mom said she’d be back in a couple hours.

That’s it. No instructions, no training, no help. Just, “Pick until the bucket is full then come back and exchange it for a new one. I thought, “Easy enough” and got to work.

I don’t know if you’ve ever picked blueberries, but it’s messy and they actually have thorns. It took me probably about an hour to fill that small bucket. I went to drop it off and got a new bucket. By the time this one was 1/2 full my mom showed up to pick us up. I went to return my 1/2 filled bucket and collect my loot.


No. That isn’t a typo. The foreman handed me a nice shiny quarter.

So, the lesson is probably obvious, but just in case you haven’t put it together, here it is: ROI. Return On Investment. Just because you have a job, doesn’t mean it’s worth it.

So. Ask yourself. Is your “job” worth it?

Food for thought.

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