“So cute…”

This next post isn’t so much about me choosing to quit something as it is about someone else forcing me to quit.

I wouldn’t say I have A.D.D., nor that I am a trouble child, but in 1st grade I also wasn’t what you would call a “model student”. As a matter of fact, one day we were cutting out teddy bears and I got my scissor privileges taken away because I wouldn’t stop spinning them on my finger. I know. Trouble maker, wasn’t I?

Well, the project called for us to cut out the body, then the arms seperately and finally the legs. Once it was all done, we were supposed to attach the pieces together using those grommet thingies. The end result was a construction paper teddy bear with moveable arms and legs. But with no scissors, I was forced to tear my bear out using my fingers.

I thought for sure my mom was gonna bust me. But quite the opposite happened. I brought home the rough cut bear and upon seeing it my mom exclaimed, “Oh my gosh that is so cute! You even made it look fuzzy around the edges. You are so creative!”

I couldn’t find the bear I tore out, but this picture I found on the internet should give you an idea:


Bullet. Dodged!

Until parent-teacher conferences. But that’s a story for another day.

The lesson I learned from this was that perception is everything. If you don’t tell people how horribly you feel like you did something, chances are they will never notice! Have confidence! Sell yourself! Fake it if you have to, but fake it with confidence!

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