Yet another thing I’m not passionate about (P.S. Handyman for hire)

So yesterday I finally got around to my to do list. It was a struggle… I of course did the easiest things first, hoping that someone would call me and ask for something, so I could procrastinate the harder things. But as always, I had to do them all.

I first started with the dishes, and moved down hill from there. I went through the house cleaning, and fixing until I had a handful of things left. I decided to just do two and save the rest for another time. So I got to work on installing my new TV and then fixing the backyard gate, which had fallen off it’s hinges and won’t lock. After about a solid hour of figuring out how to install my new TV, I was just about ready to scream. Why are those things so hard?? Too many wires. Yet the next thing on my list was fixing the backyard gate. Why don’t I have a man around somewhere to do this for me?

I’m pretty sure that there was a documentary crew somewhere, videoing me struggling with that gate. “Here we see the helpless single female, in her natural habitat. Trying and failing to fix a simple gate that would take a maleaosious (mail – E – A – O – sis) a quick five minutes.” I’ll admit though, I’d probably watch something like that on netflix.

After a large struggle, and a lot of time, I gave up. That gate wasn’t getting fixed and I knew it. The only thing I can do now is go to this blog and ask the big question. Does anybody know a good St. George handyman that could help me fix this gate?

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